Volkswagen California XXL presented at Caravan Salon 2017 (photo)

In August 2017, at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, Volkswagen unveiled the California XXL concept van, which is a true mobile home.

Working on the prototype, the Germans set themselves the task of making a car ideal for travel. To do this, they decided to take as a basis the Volkswagen Crafter 2 generations with a medium wheelbase (3 640 mm). Such a car is equipped with a 2.0-liter turbo diesel engine with a capacity of 177 hp. and has four-wheel drive.


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A special superstructure was installed on the body of the VW California XXL, because of which the prototype was 102 mm higher than the highest modification of the Crafter in the Super High Roof version. Plus on the stern there is a functional protrusion with a length of 250 mm.

In the rear of the concept van there is a fold-out double bed measuring 2.0 x 1.7 meters, and under the roof there is a special compartment for two teenagers.


The central section of the cab is transformable, which allowed the Germans to carve out a place for a kitchen with a gas stove, a sink and two small refrigerators with a volume of 50 liters each. When folded, the kitchen area is only 1,100 mm wide and can be extended up to 2,050 mm.

In good weather, passengers can have a snack outside by placing a folding table behind a sliding rear door, under which is a compartment with folding chairs and a portable Weber barbecue grill.


There is also a toilet in the salon, the device of which deserves a separate discussion. In the inactive state, the “wet zone” is an ordinary cabinet 60 cm deep and wide. To use the toilet, pull the handle, thereby pushing the compartment into the passenger compartment by another 60 cm, while part of the floor will be moved into a special depression.

Downstairs there is a toilet, above which there is a folding sink with a pull-out tap. Even higher is the accessory cabinet, and at the very top is the shower. Interestingly, the roof section can be opened using a smartphone app.


In sunny weather, the Volkswagen California XXL is bright thanks to the 3,700 mm long and 1,100 mm wide panoramic roof. The rest of the time, lighting is provided by programmable color luminaires.

Comfortable movement is provided by pneumatic adjustable suspension, while passengers are provided with an audio system, a video projector, numerous glove boxes, as well as 200 V sockets and USB connectors.

Also in the equipment of the California XXL prototype there are tanks for 140 liters of clean and 90 liters of waste water, an additional heater, a boiler, an air conditioner and a 37-liter gas cylinder located under the bottom. Whether Volkswagen will decide to release a serial version of such a van is still unknown.







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