Volkswagen ID.3 2021 – photo and price, characteristics of electric Volkswagen ID 3

The Volkswagen ID.3 debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show two thousand nineteen – the brand’s first production electric car, based on the MEB modular platform, designed specifically for creating electric models.

The manufacturer opened orders for the new product back in May, but the first customers received their cars only in the middle of the twentieth. The design of the serial Volkswagen ID.3 as a whole did not come as a surprise, although it was on it that the new company emblem was used for the first time.

Volkswagen ID.3

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Outside, the VW ID.3 electric hatchback has a streamlined shape for better aerodynamics, the front car is notable for wide diode head optics and the absence of a traditional radiator grill, which electric vehicles do not need.

Instead of the latter, there is a thin chrome jumper, but there are still air ducts in the front bumper that are necessary for cooling the batteries. The front pillars on the car are made transparent, and the wide rear pillars resemble those on the Golf, except that here they are painted in a contrasting color with colored dots.

The 2021 Volkswagen ID.3 has a special design of rims that create minimal aerodynamic drag, and the rear of the hatch is highlighted by a black painted trunk lid with lanterns located on it, the edges of which go over the fenders. In general, the design turned out to be an amateur, but the main competitor in the person of Nissan Leaf does not stand out with special beauty.

Volkswagen ID.3

Interior design ID.3 is made in a minimalist style and even with almost complete absence of physical buttons. The latter are only responsible for the operation of the windows and “emergency gang”. Even the buttons on the steering wheel are made with sensors, and on the pedals the manufacturer humorously placed an imitation of the “pause” (for the brake) and play (for supplying current) buttons.

The instrument panel is displayed here on a small color screen, and on its right side there is a rotating knob for selecting the transmission mode. The center console houses a 10.0-inch display for the multimedia system, which supports voice command and responds to the phrase “Hello ID”.


As noted above, the new 2021 Volkswagen ID.3 body is built on the MEB platform with a traction battery integrated into the body’s power structure. In the basic version, it uses one electric motor, which is responsible for the rotation of the wheels of the rear axle, but later a more powerful version with two electric motors will appear.

Volkswagen ID.3

In terms of overall dimensions, the electric car turned out to be comparable to the Golf – the length of the electric car is 4,260 mm, width – 1,810, height – 1,550, while, due to the wheels placed at the corners, the wheelbase here is almost like that of the Passat – 2,770 millimeters. Trunk volume is really quite modest – 380 liters.

For the electric car, two options for the power of the electric engine are proposed – for 150 and 204 hp, while the maximum torque of 310 Nm is the same for them. But the traction battery is available in three capacities at once: 45, 58 or 77 kWh. According to the WLTP cycle, they must provide a mileage of up to 330, 420 or 550 km, respectively.

It is known that the version with an “average” battery and a 204-horsepower engine weighs about 1,600 kg and has a maximum speed of 160 kilometers per hour. With the optional 100 kW quick charger, you can refill the batteries for a 290 km range in half an hour. The manufacturer promises to announce more detailed information later.

Options and prices

Volkswagen ID.3

Initially, the company opened the acceptance of orders for the Volkswagen ID.3 in a special 1st configuration, the price of which is approximately 40,000 euros. It is noteworthy that the entire batch of 30,000 vehicles has already been disassembled. The initial hatchback will cost about thirty thousand euros, but sales will begin later.

The equipment of the 1st version includes heated seats and steering wheel, multimedia with navigation, 18-inch wheels, as well as 2,000 kWh, that is, 36 full charges at Ionity stations and terminals working with the We Charge online service.

The 1st Plus trim is complemented by matrix headlights, adaptive cruise, keyless entry and a rearview camera, and the wheels are 19 ″ here. The 1st Max variant sports a panoramic roof, Beats music, a projection screen, more comfortable seating, an expanded set of electronic assistants and 20-inch wheels.

Production of ID.3 starts in mid-November at an enterprise in Zwickau, Germany, but then the production of electric cars will begin at other sites. In addition, a sedan, a minivan and two crossovers will appear later in the ID family.


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