we buy a used used car at the most favorable price

To buy a car profitably on the secondary market, the buyer should learn to bargain with the sellers. Unfortunately, for some reason, many motorists do not do this, so they either agree to the owner’s price tag, or are looking for more affordable offers.

Some of them are simply embarrassed to bargain, while others believe that they do not know how to do it, so they do not even try.

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Meanwhile, the majority of car owners, putting up a car for sale, deliberately inflate its cost, taking into account the possible bargaining. So it turns out that if you are not bargaining, then you buy a car at a higher price.

Bargaining on the secondary market is necessary in any scenario, but you need to do it correctly, so below you can read a few tips and tricks on how to buy a used car at the most pleasant price.

Bargaining is not shameful

Some are afraid or hesitant to offer the seller a price lower than the specified one, but here it is worth understanding that the person decided to sell the car for a reason. Most likely, he needs money, and urgently. Consequently, he is interested in the early sale of the car and is morally ready to make certain concessions.

Do not bargain over the phone

If you liked this or that car on the online classifieds portal, then when you call the seller, never try to bring down the price indicated by him by phone. Firstly, bargaining for a product that you have not even seen live is stupid. Secondly, starting to bargain on the phone, you risk scaring off the seller. The latter may take you for a reseller, and many do not want to contact the latter.

Trade in a civilized manner

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In the process of buying a car, the buyer must win over the seller as much as possible. Communicate with the owner of the car on an equal footing, avoid criticism. If you push too aggressively, “poking” the seller into each of the shortcomings on the car, then he will either simply turn around and leave, or he will push back, fundamentally refusing to make even a trifling discount.

Of course, it is necessary to point out the shortcomings of the car put up for sale, but do it correctly, without getting personal. For example, if during the inspection of the car you noticed that it had a tinted door, then just ask what was the reason for the need for this procedure.

If you notice all the shortcomings and ask the right questions, then soon after the start of the inspection, the seller himself will begin to criticize his car, telling what, where and how happened to it. At the end of such a conversation, the seller will be mentally ready to make concessions.

However, sometimes the best way to start a bidding is to simply ask the seller at what minimum price he is willing to sell his car. It is possible that his answer will pleasantly surprise you, and the announced price tag will be even lower than the one you expected. Always ask this question first and plan your future strategy based on the answer.

Buying a car on the spot

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If you are very interested in this or that car, and there are no similar proposals for proximity and are not expected, then be ready to buy it at the first inspection. Really good cars do not sell for a long time, acquiring new owners in large cities in literally a few days.

However, this does not mean that you should immediately agree to the price indicated by the seller. Arrange a meeting, listen, and at the end of the conversation, offer your price, while declaring that you are ready to buy a car right now.

Many people want to sell a car as soon as possible, because they are not ready to waste their time on calls and meetings with potential buyers, so it is possible that the owner will agree to your offer.

Inspection at the service station

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Take the money and take your car to the nearest service station. The workshop specialists will be able to give you a more accurate report regarding the current condition of the car, as well as name the price you will have to invest in order to put a used car in order.

The seller should also announce this price. This will let him know that his car is not perfect at all, and it is possible that he will agree to sell it to you at a lower price.

We bring down the price as much as possible

But if the car you like is not so unique, and your pocket is not “on fire”, then you can, on the contrary, adhere to a wait-and-see tactic. This will allow you to achieve the lowest possible price.

With this approach, the first inspection of the car should be perceived as a kind of reconnaissance. If you like the car, then let the seller know that you are interested in purchasing it, but nothing more. After some time, call again and agree on a repeated (more detailed) inspection, within which the car, for example, can be taken to a service station.

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At the second meeting, it is also not recommended to agree to a deal, so even if the inspection went well, say goodbye to the seller, promising him that you will think about his offer. Realizing that the buyer is about to “off the hook,” the owner of the vehicle will want to offer a lower price himself.

If this did not happen, then we pause again, and after a few days we make another call, wondering how things are going with the sale of the car. In a telephone conversation, it is worth hinting that in parallel you are considering several more interesting options and have not yet decided on the choice.

Thus, you will let the interlocutor understand that the light on his car did not converge like a wedge. This will force him to try to tip the scales in his favor by making you the best deal possible.

If the seller is still playing in silence, then after a few days you should call him back and openly state your price for which you are ready to take the car. By this time, he will definitely be ready for trading and with a high degree of probability will agree to your offer (or at least significantly drop the initial price).

Of course, with this approach, there is a possibility that during the bidding process the car will still be sold to another person, but if you are faced with the task of purchasing a used car as profitable as possible and without overpayments, then this risk is more than justified.

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