weak motor and poor equipment

The lineup of the Chinese brand Hongqi (Red Banner), owned by the FAW concern, has a new passenger car – the E-QM5 electric sedan. This model was first presented to the public in January twenty-first, and now it is completely ready for mass production.

Hongqi E-QM5 received a very unusual exterior design. For example, the car lacks the usual headlights – in their place are placed thin diode DRL contours, while the headlights of the head optics are located in the corners of the bumper.

Hongqi E-QM5

The electric four-door has a “toothy” plug instead of a radiator grill, and a branded ridge-banner flaunts on its hood. In the base, the car is delivered on 18-inch wheels.

Although the model formally belongs to the executive class, however, by modern standards, its equipment is “not enough stars from the sky.” For example, there is no virtual instrument cluster, no head-up display, no sunroof.

All four seats are separate, although the developers have already announced the appearance of a five-seat version. The chairs are electrically adjustable, but by themselves, they are quite simple and without ventilation. The rear seats are equipped with an electric backrest tilt, while a retractable footrest is designed to please the passenger on the right.

Between the second-row seats there is a massive central armrest – on it there is a control panel for seat settings and individual climate control zones, which is four-zone in the car.

Hongqi E-QM5

The overall length of the Hongqi E-QM5 executive sedan is 5,040 mm, the wheelbase is 2,990, the width is 1,910, and the height is 1,569. The trunk volume is 433 liters. The rear axle of the electric vehicle is equipped with a multi-link suspension, while the suspension structure uses conventional springs and passive shock absorbers.

The car is driven by a single electric motor located on the front axle. The output of this unit is only 136 hp, therefore the maximum speed of the car is not impressive – a modest 130 km / h.

The power unit receives power for its operation from a BYD lithium-iron-phosphate traction battery with a capacity of 54 kWh. The power reserve for the outdated NEDC cycle is declared at 431 km, which means that in reality the car will be able to drive about 250 kilometers.

Sales of the new Hongqi E-QM5 in China have already begun at a price of $ 37,000 (2.7 million rubles at the current exchange rate), but so far only government agencies and corporate buyers can acquire such four-doors. Over time, the model will become available to private buyers. Plus, the company promises the appearance of a more powerful 190-strong version.

Hongqi E-QM5

Hongqi E-QM5

Hongqi E-QM5

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