Wey Mocha – photo and price, characteristics of the new Wey Mocha

Wey, a Chinese-owned brand from Great Wall, has announced a new generation of “Coffee Intelligence” models, patenting a number of coffee names for the machines.

So far, the brand has declassified only one model of the upcoming family – the flagship crossover with a defiant name for the Russian audience “Mocha”. However, in fact, this model name is “Italian” and means the coffee drink “mocha”.

Wey Mocha

The new Wey Mocha 2021 is characterized by an aggressive exterior design with large air intakes in the front bumper, a wide fine-mesh grille and narrow LED headlights. The model has a tightly knit silhouette with a sloping roof, and the wheels can be fitted with discs up to 21 ″ in diameter.

The interior of the car is still only partially declassified, while its main feature is the absence of traditional tidy – instead of it, the Chinese installed a miniature screen that shows the driver exclusively secondary information, while the main indicators are displayed on a large projection display.

By the way, the latter here also plays the role of a navigator with augmented reality effect, that is, tips for the driver are displayed directly “on the road”. In the center of the front panel, the designers have placed two touchscreens – one for the multimedia system, and the other for climate control.

Crossover Wey Mocha is built on the basis of a front-wheel drive platform with a transverse engine. The car has a fully independent adaptive suspension. The overall length of the vehicle is 4,875 mm, the wheelbase is 2,915, the width is 1,960, and the height is 1,690 millimeters.

Wey Mocha

The flagship SUV of the Wey brand will receive a new generation of power units developed by Great Wall specialists in the summer of the twentieth year. We are talking about a 2.0-liter gasoline “turbo four” with direct injection and a variable valve timing system, working in tandem with a preselective nine-band robot with two “wet” clutches.

In the meantime, Wei Mokka 2021 is presented only in the form of a mild hybrid, where the mentioned motor (204 hp) is complemented by a 48-volt starter-generator. In total, this “filling” generates 213 forces. Plus, the company announced the appearance of a full-fledged hybrid – it will have the same units, but will receive a relatively capacious traction battery. On one electric traction, such a crossover will be able to travel about 200 km.

Wey Mocha and other models in the Coffee Intelligence line will receive a Level 3 autopilot capable of fully steering the car while driving on the highway.

The latter’s arsenal includes numerous sensors and cameras, lidar, as well as 5G and V2X communications, due to which the exchange of data with road infrastructure and other vehicles is realized. The information is processed by the Qualcomm 8155 chip, and in the future such a complex can be upgraded to the fourth level of autonomy.

Wey Mocha

It is planned to fully declassify the Mokka crossover at the April 2021 Shanghai Motor Show. This model will debut on the home market almost immediately after the official premiere, and deliveries to Europe should begin in September. How much such an off-road vehicle will cost is still unknown.

As for other models of the Coffee Intelligence line, in the future it should be replenished with cars under the names Cappuccino, Latte and Macchiato, but the manufacturer has not yet covered them.

Wey Mocha

Wey Mocha

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