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I took a new Suzuki Vitara 1.6 GLX 4WD a year ago at a price of 1.7 million rubles, after running 9,000 km I can give an objective assessment of the model. The cabin has excellent ergonomics – everything is calibrated to the centimeter: buttons, switches at hand, convenient tidy, does not irritate with ridiculous lights, clear icons.

The cladding material is slightly above average, moderately hard plastic, does not creak, does not crack in frost, and is easy to clean. The driver’s seat has several customization options. The stories that door cards do not hold well are true. All cards are loosely screwed on, but do not rattle, so even on strong gravel there is no annoying squeak.

Suzuki Vitara

Review of Suzuki Vitara 1.6 (117 HP) 4WD AT 2019

Author: dimych1983

Of the main drawbacks – for the first three months, all doors were closed badly (not the first time). It was necessary to slam, and the tailgate – in general, to knock. After 3 months, the problem with the doors in the cabin passed, the trunk is still closed with a push or just a handle.

In terms of comfort level for rear passengers, the car is rather weak. There is no heating for the rear seats, armrests, airflow, sockets, etc. For the front passenger and driver, all options are present.

The trunk has a double bottom, where you can hide small repair items – I have a shovel, a set of keys, a cigarette lighter with crocodiles, a brazier, a portable saw, etc. Very convenient. At the same time, the main trunk compartment is quite roomy – almost 400 liters.

Suzuki Vitara

The appearance of the Suzuki Vitara, as for me, is quite presentable and solid. From the first days, the layout of the head lighting was embarrassing – these are LED lights for high beam and ordinary halogens in dimensions. But the electrician is tuned and verified, so over time, doubts disappeared.

The painting is very high quality. The car was mainly operated at temperatures from -15 to +30 off-road. For a year, there are no scuffs, scratches. After the gravel road, when the rubble was shooting at the sides, there is not a single chip on the body.

After the purchase, I immediately installed the crankcase protection. Operating conditions presupposed movement on complete off-road for more than one day. I spent three full-fledged test drives on the car, ran it on the highway and in city traffic jams, in all modes, the fuel consumption is really low.

Suzuki Vitara

Before the first oil change, which I did after 8,000 km, it was 8.4 liters in the city, after the change, the consumption decreased – in the city it does not exceed 8 liters, on the highway – up to 7.4, on serious off-road conditions the consumption is up to 9 liters gasoline.

The clearance of the off-road vehicle is small, but Vitara passes all obstacles calmly, the verified geometry does not allow to touch the protection. The suspension is quite decent, but there are breakdowns, so you need to adapt.

Engine 1.6 with 117 hp quite traction, enough power if you go to overtake from 120 km / h on the highway. Four-wheel drive works out on “five-plus”. In winter, wherever I needed to go, Vitara passed without activating the Lock mode – the Snow mode was enough to overcome drifts and high snowdrifts. But you need to remember that Vitara is a fickle four-wheel drive, so you shouldn’t drive it into the impassable taiga.

The successful layout of the automatic transmission, in the SPORT selector, it seems that the engine gets an extra 40 “horses”. The stabilization system on a slippery road clearly works out, in the SNOW mode the car behaves much more confidently on ice, does not slip. I was not in strong slippage, so I did not fully experience the LOCK mode. In general, I am satisfied with the car. For such a sum, the best SUV cannot be found.

Suzuki Vitara

Photo drom.ru

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