What Can You Drive With A Category B License

It’s no secret that the B driving category is the most popular. It gives the right to drive all passenger cars. However, especially in recent years, it has had many different subcategories and refinements. Let’s take a closer look at what they all mean and what rights they give.

So, category B, at the moment, gives the driver the right to move around in a vehicle curb weight no more than 3.5 tons. It may not necessarily be a passenger car, but even some kind of light truck.


In addition, category B has a limit on the number of passenger seats in the car – there should be no more than 8 (excluding the driver).

Also, a car falling under category B can be equipped with a trailer with a maximum permissible weight of 750 kg. In this case, the mass of the entire train (including the trailer) should not exceed 3.5 tons, otherwise it conflicts with the first paragraph.

This is basic. Now about the add-ons

Mokik management

Firstly, now category B is automatically assigned to category B owners. It gives the right to drive scooters, mopeds and mokicks – if their weight is no more than 550 kg, and the engine volume does not exceed 50 cc. (previously, a driver’s license was not required for such vehicles at all). An exception is the restriction on the management of such equipment for medical reasons. In this case, instead of M, the mark ML is put.

Secondly, category B itself is also subdivided into subcategories – B1 and BE. B1, in addition to the basic set of rights, provides the ability to drive tricycles and quadricycles – but again, with a weight limit (up to 550 kg) and engine cubic capacity (up to 50 cc).

It should also be noted that an ATV and an ATV are different things. The latter type refers to off-road vehicles with a corresponding separate category. In addition, subcategory B1 may be marked AS and MS (they are indicated in column 12).

The AS mark means that the driver can drive ATVs and tricycles with an engine capacity of more than 50cc (but the weight must still not exceed 550kg), provided they have a steering wheel and a seat. If such vehicles have a motorcycle steering wheel and seat, then they can only be controlled with the MS mark.

Driving a car with a trailer

The BE subcategory implies extended rights to use trailers. Namely, in the absence of a 750 kg limit for the trailer. At the same time, the total curb weight of the entire vehicle train should still not exceed 3.5 tons. In addition, the weight of the equipped trailer must not exceed the weight of the vehicle itself.

Plus, earlier for students of driving schools, it became possible to learn driving and take an exam on a car equipped with an automatic transmission. In this case, there will be an AT mark opposite category B. But in the future, a driver with such a mark will only be able to drive a car with an automatic transmission.

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