what is the secret of “popularity” among traffic cops?

Some drivers are slowed down by traffic police officers much more often than others, even if they do not violate traffic rules. The “popularity” of such motorists among law enforcement officers may be due to several factors at once.

Dirty car

Traffic police officers are much more likely to stop dirty cars on the road, especially if their license plates are smeared. Note that under article 12.2 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation, for an unreadable registration plate, a driver can either be fined from 500 to 5,000 rubles, or even be left without a license for a period of 1 to 3 months.

Dirty car

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Dirty cars also appear suspicious to traffic cops, as hijackers often purposefully sprinkle dirt on cars, thereby hiding its color.

Note that sometimes traffic police officers slow down the owners of “grimy” cars just like that, urging them to call on the nearest car wash. Similar actions are held as part of the Clean Car preventive raids.

Wrecked car

Driving a damaged car

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The presence of various types of damage to the car also attracts the attention of traffic police inspectors. It can be as dents and scratches on the body, as well as a broken windshield. At the sight of such a car, the police immediately become suspicious. Did the car leave the scene of the accident? Did the intruders damage it during the hijacking?

Plus, owners of the so-called “rusty buckets” can also slow down on the road, and in such cases, law enforcement officers often thoroughly check the documents (OSAGO, TCP, etc.).

The owners of old and damaged cars can only be advised to avoid traveling on federal highways, since otherwise they will not escape the attention of the traffic police inspectors.

Strange behavior

Sometimes traffic police officers stop this or that car due to the fact that its driver, although driving within the limits of the rules, stands out in the stream. So, the attention of traffic cops can be attracted both by a very slow car, and, on the contrary, at speed passing by puddles and “speed bumps”.

Of course, an inexperienced driver may be driving such a car, but inspectors may well suspect that a drunk person is driving the car.

Driver’s appearance

Strange driver behavior

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A traffic police officer can brake a car simply because of the appearance of the person driving. For example, a police officer may become suspicious if the driver yawns too often or looks overly stressed.

Plus, the law enforcement officer may have suspicions at the sight of a motorist driving around in cloudy weather in sunglasses, as this immediately suggests that he is drunk and hides his eyes.

By the way, it is widely believed among some drivers that if you drive with the visor down, the traffic police will not stop you on the road. But this is nothing more than a delusion, and with the opposite effect – the police pay attention to drivers who hide their eyes in the first place.

Also, inspectors may be interested in a person in cheap and / or untidy clothes, while driving an expensive car. Plus, the driver can be stopped for being too young: the traffic police officer may well decide that a teenager is driving without a license. However, overly elderly motorists also generate increased interest, especially if they are insecure.

Tuning availability

Tuning car

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Traffic police officers almost always slow down cars if there is a noticeable external tuning on them in order to check its legality. Therefore, owners who decide to stand out from the crowd should accept the increased attention from law enforcement officers.

Also, traffic police often stop cars with tinted windows. According to the new GOST 33997-2016, the light transmittance of the windshield and front side windows must be at least 70%, and the task of the inspectors is to check the machines for compliance with this requirement.

Loud music

Loud Music Machine

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If the driver likes to drive around in a car with loud music, then he should put up with the increased attention from the police. They will stop him often, wondering if he had a drink?

“Beautiful” numbers

The story with “beautiful” numbers is the same as with music – they attract the attention of not only pedestrians and other road users, but also law enforcement officers.

Popularity with hijackers

Owners of frequently stolen car models also have to communicate with inspectors on a regular basis. Sometimes such motorists can be stopped on the road several times a day (if the car on the wanted list is similar in color).

Who is rarely stopped?

Family minivan

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Traffic police officers practically do not slow down commercial vehicles (vans and “heels”). The fact is that in the overwhelming majority of cases, such machines are at the disposal of companies, and legal entities try not to violate the law, and almost always there is complete order with documents.

Plus, road inspectors are of little interest in family minivans, as well as cars with child seats and elderly people as passengers.

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