what other details did the attackers steal?

Recently, more and more often in social networks there are photos of “naked” cars from which easily accessible parts are stolen: wheels, optics, mirrors, emblems, moldings, and so on. We will tell you how you can protect yourself from such thefts, as well as the owners of which car models should worry about the safety of expensive parts.

Problems with the theft of spare parts, especially optics, on some cars have existed for a long time. And now the thieves have intensified with renewed vigor, because the crisis – the people are not getting rich and are increasingly paying attention to buying used parts. On which thieves play with dealers.

Wheels stolen on Infiniti

Most often, headlights like to steal on premium crossovers Volkswagen Touareg, Porsche Cayenne and Audi Q7, as well as Volvo XC70, XC90 and Land Rover SUVs. For example, on Tauregs and Cayennes of the first generations, the head optics are removed with a simple screwdriver in a couple of minutes, and in the Volvo XC90, released before 2014, the tool is not needed – the mounting mechanism simply snaps off and removing the headlight takes a matter of seconds.

Moreover, the cost of such parts is very tangible. For the same Q7, a new headlight will cost 100,000 rubles. A used part usually costs 2 times cheaper – 40-60 thousand, which, in general, is also a good “broth” for a petty thief.

Stole the headlights on a Volvo

Stole headlights on an Audi

Stole the headlights on the Cayenne

Headlights stolen on Tuareg

On more modern models, automakers nevertheless took into account the facts of such thefts and finalized the design of the optics mounts. For example, on the younger Porsche Macan, the headlights are protected by a hood, which is quite difficult to crawl under.

Car owners protect their optics from theft in different ways. Someone puts lockers – special locking devices that fix the part with metal cables. They are made today by the popular brands Multilock and Dragon. Others put special laser markings on the surface of the headlight, after which it is much more difficult for attackers to sell the stolen spare part.

But the most reliable way is insure the car under CASCO… In this case, you can get a refund in the event of damage or theft of car parts. In addition to optics, thieves actively spin the wheels – they can be removed easily, are expensive and sold quickly. In addition, intruders even remove steering wheels, especially on BMW models. To do this, they also break the glass, after which, deftly wielding a screwdriver and hexagons, they quickly remove an expensive and demanded part along with an airbag.

They steal even smaller parts: emblems, rear-view mirrors, moldings and other details. On the Mazda 6, for example, the favorite prey of intruders is the headlight washer nozzles, and on the Genesis G70, decorative linings for the front fenders. And more recently, catalytic converters, which contain expensive metals (platinum or palladium), have been cut on machines.

Steal the steering wheel on a BMW

Stole a mirror on a BMW

Stole the emblem on the Mercedes

Stole plugs of injectors on Mazda

They stole a catalyst on a Lexus

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