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Every responsible driver must remember that a car is not only a transport, but also a source of increased fire hazard. A small short circuit in the wiring is not where it is needed – and now the car, already well “packed” with flammable materials and liquids, very quickly turns into a flaming torch.

Therefore, the traffic rules oblige each car owner to keep a fire extinguisher in the car. For the absence of such, according to Article 12.5 of the Administrative Offenses Code of the Russian Federation, a strict warning or a fine of 500 rubles is imposed.

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True, in practice, the likelihood of receiving such a punishment is very low – according to the regulations, it is possible to check a car for the presence of a fire extinguisher only with video recording or with the involvement of attesting witnesses.

The traffic police officer, as a rule, is not very interested in doing this without good reason. However, this does not mean at all that it is not necessary to keep a fire extinguisher in the car. And the point here is not in traffic police checks, but in safety.

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According to the established fire regulations, a car fire extinguisher must have a capacity of at least 2 kg. And this size is the very thing, since a serious fire cannot be extinguished with a smaller volume, and it is rather problematic to store cylinders with a capacity of 3 kg or more in a car. The shelf life of a conventional foam or powder fire extinguisher is 5 to 10 years.

Now let’s figure out exactly where you need to store the fire extinguisher. Clause 11.4 of the “Technical Regulations of the Customs Union on the Safety of Wheeled Vehicles” says that the cylinder should be “located in an easily accessible place”, but which one is not spelled out.

That is, theoretically – anywhere. A little more specifically, this place is indicated for cars with specially equipped mounts for fire extinguishers – paragraph 11.5 of the same rules obliges them to be stored there.

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From a safety point of view, of course, it is better to store a fire extinguisher not in the trunk (as most motorists do) – after all, in the event of a real threat, you can spend a lot of precious time digging it up among the piles of things.

It is much better to keep it somewhere close at hand, such as under the seat. And so that the balloon does not roll throughout the cabin, you can secure it with clamps. In general, you should not neglect such a thing as a fire extinguisher. Better to put out a small fire in time than to grieve to watch the car turn into ashes.

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