Why She Never Showed Up

At one time, several photos were surfing on the Internet showing station wagons based on the Lada Samara. The photo generated a lot of controversy on various forums, but it quickly became clear that it was a fake. AvtoVAZ has never mass-produced any station wagons based on this family. There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, it would require additional production costs – the equipment for the production of Samar, supplied by UTS, welded the bodies in automatic mode, and was sharpened only for hatchbacks. Model 099, which, by the way, did not immediately enter the assembly line, was initially “cooked up” in a semi-manual mode, which greatly reduced overall productivity.

Lada Samara station wagon

Secondly, by the time the VAZ-2108 appeared on the conveyor, the “four” had just gotten up, so the management did not see a strong need for an additional station wagon. Nevertheless, in the depths of the design and design departments, work on the design of this type of body was still carried out.

In 1987, a young artist Andrei Mitin drew several sketches of the future station wagon based on the VAZ-2108. The project was named “Lada Hobby”. The car was supposed to be made with an increased roof height and a vertical luggage door – even a commercial version with hinged sides was considered.

Sketch Lada Hobby

Cargo version of Samara

It came to a plastic model on a scale of 1: 5, but the project did not progress further. The station wagon was drawn by one of the developers of the 2108 appearance in the person of Vladislav Pashko. The concept of his car was similar to Mitin’s drawings. Some solutions from there found application in the development of the Samara-2 family.

But this project also remained unrealized, but the echo of both sketches and developments can be seen on subsequent small-scale commercial vehicles VAZ-1706 “Shuttle” and VIS-1705. There have been attempts at a more budgetary creation of station wagons. In 1990, Pashko was sent to Belgium to the Skaldia-Volga enterprise to develop options for tuning and modifications of the 2108-09 family for a European buyer. One of these developments was the transformation of the hatchback into a wagon.

The alteration consisted in replacing the standard tailgate with a modified one made of polycarbonate. The new door extended the roofline, aligning it with the underside and verticalizing the rear of the car. Thus, the loading space was increased, while the loading height was still too high.

As a result, this idea did not receive support and the case died out. However, the development was spied on by some cooperators and similar doors were made in small batches in the 90s, but they were not widely used. In general, after some time, it may have come to the generalists, but history intervened – the USSR began to disintegrate, so there was no time for the generalists. Nevertheless, when developing the subsequent passenger families of AvtoVAZ, this type of body was already taken into account.

VAZ-1706 Shuttle

Alterations based on sketches of Pashko's drawings

Alterations based on sketches of Pashko's drawings

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