With Its “jambs”, Which You Will Not Immediately Notice

Considered to buy a restyled Kuga, Tiguan and “Koreans”. I went for test drives, while Citroen C5 Aircross was the best. The manufacturer did not lie: everything is as he says. But there are still disadvantages and shortcomings. But I’ll start with what I liked.

The engine-box pair on the crossover works just fine! Switching is smooth and responsive. There are no complaints here! I also liked that the steering wheel turns out with a decent margin, which is very important for city driving.

Review of Citroen C5 Aircross 2.0D (177 HP) AT 2020

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I was pleased with the clear work of the parking sensors and the rear-view camera – everything is convenient and understandable. In winter, the car showed good cross-country ability. She feels confident on ice and snow, I am nowhere stuck on it. We also have a Kuga in the family – and so, the C5 Aircross is 100% better.

The cabin is comfortable and spacious. It’s a long way to the suite, of course, but it doesn’t suck. The seats in this class are the most comfortable, the steering wheel is pleasant. The car can be opened without a key and the trunk can be opened without hands.

It’s comfortable to sit in the back row. All seats can be folded there independently. The cabin is quite quiet, which is uncharacteristic for a diesel engine with its vibrations. There is a “sport” mode, but the usual mode is enough for me. Also, from the pros, I can note a fairly good sound.

And now about the cons:

  • During maneuvers in the pits, throws the back part;
  • The back beam sometimes beats very strongly;
  • Water seeps through the front doors. This means that the design in the area of ​​the joint between the windshield lining and part of the pillar is not well thought out. The water flows through the seal. We solved this problem under warranty;
  • At -10 on the highway, cold air enters the passenger compartment through the glove compartment, and the side and hand are freezing! At first I plugged it with a towel, but then I turned to the service station for a guarantee. They put a plug there and redirected the air flow;
  • The rear seat belts are poorly made and clatter, and there is also a knock on the headliner at the rear. This problem has not yet been resolved;
  • In the city, the dipped beam is well adjusted, but on the highway I want it to be a little higher. And you can’t turn on the distant one … But in general, there are no complaints about the light;
  • Very poor painting, chips and scratches immediately appear;
  • A separate topic is wipers. For one long trip, 4 liters of washer is consumed. Wipers drive water upstairs, where it accumulates and then floods the driver’s side window. No heating! In winter, the electronics went out of order, and the wipers froze on the move. Had to stop and restart, waited five minutes;
  • After washing, the driver’s glass remains wet for another week. The impression is that somewhere there is a sponge with water;
  • The plastic in the cabin leaves much to be desired;
  • There are no special complaints about multimedia, it works well, but the display is a little weak.

I can say that in the end the car turned out to be ambiguous. In general, good, but there are enough “jambs”, and they do not come out immediately. But the car is worth the money, and for that price, you still can’t find anything better. A good urban family crossover, and suitable for long trips.

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